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Transactional Funding

Simply put is where a buyer uses funds (wet funds) for a short amount of time, usually 24 hours or less, to facilitate a transaction. More and more investors are using transactional funding for short sale and REO flips for a more speed efficient way to lock down their deals.


*A-B/B-C double closings.

*Nationwide (Majority of States)

*Deals Must Close at the Same Closing Firm



Fill out Application below

Attach you’re A-B and B-C contracts in the application OR email them to

Once we receive we will reach out to you, if you’re still getting a property under contract that is ok too.

After approval, you’ll receive necessary docs for review and signature.

You can complete the simultaneous or “double closing” on the same day with same attorney/title company.

100% purchase and closing costs in most cases.